PTR, PTC Scams and Get-Paid-To Sites that Really Work

When it comes to PTR (Get Paid to Read) and PTC sites you should know that there are a LOT of scams out there! In this post I will share a few PTR and PTC sites that I’ve found to be scams (which you should obviously avoid like the plague) as well as PTR and other Get Paid To or PTC sites that actually works and earns you money online.

Let’s get to it then:

Get Paid To Sites that Work!

These sites I’ve PERSONALLY tried and tested, they work and they pay. PTR and other Get-Paid-To sites that sounds too good to be true, generally are. PTR and Get Paid To sites that are LEGIT don’t offer ridiculous promises and high upgrade fees, if they do, it’s a scam.

So which PTR sites are worth joining and why?


CLIXSENSE, PTCYou can join ClixSense for Free, and is a great PTR site because of the multi-level downline earnings you can get for referring people to their site. The catch here is that as a free member you can only view 30 second ads that pays between $0.01 and $0.02 per 30 second ad, and you don’t receive anything for referring people to join. Needless to say this won’t make you rich…

BUT IT CAN MAKE YOU RICH! How? Well, at ClixSense you get the option to upgrade to a Premium membership for only $10, this can earn you up to $0.80 per 30 second ad and allows you to build a downline of 8 LEVELS DEEP! That’s insane! Let me re-phrase, that’s a LOT of money



This site doesn’t quite have the multi-level downline that ClixSense has, but if you join InboxDollars you get a $5 bonus for free! You will get paid to read emails, take surveys, shop and even get paid to play games! Earnings aren’t huge to be honest, but if you manage to get a few of your friends to join you could be raking in some BIG bucks in no-time at all. Definitely worth checking out…


SurveySavvyGet paid anything from $15 to $30 per survey that you’ll receive via email, these surveys generally take about 20 minutes to complete so that’s a pretty decent amount for your time if you ask me. Quick, easy and Free to sign up.

The only downside to this site is that in the beginning you’ll get about one or two emails per month, depending on your location of course, but as you complete surveys they start sending you more and more over time. Great as a part-time income on the side and highly recommended.


CASHCRATECashCrate is another great “Get Paid To” site that pays you for reading emails, playing games, shopping and completing offers online. Once you’ve signed up, which is 100% free, you’ll receive your first dollar as a small thank you from the owners.

A good site with good offers that pays well, however if you don’t stay in the United States your offers might be rather limited at times. Are you from USA? Then this one is ideal for you!

PTR Scams – RealPTR, MagicPTR, RichGoPTR.

Firstly, RealPTR… This site I’ve joined because there wasn’t any negative feedback at the time as these sites pop up each day. RealPTR promises to pay $50 per ad view and $100 per email ad that you have to view for 45 seconds as a free member.

So, how do I know RealPTR is a scam? Well, thanks to many comments from my visitors I’ve discovered that these guys are trying everything to make you upgrade for a fee of $179 and promises INSTANT payout, yet some people have actually upgraded and never heard from them since.

Also, spelling errors! Not very reassuring at all, click the images below to see what I mean:


They also state that as a free member you need to reach $20000 minimum to request payout, which can be done within about 20 days if you log in every day, the catch is “You will receive payment 30-90 days after payout request, or a reasonable time thereafter.”

What is “reasonable”? A year? Two years? My guess is they hope you forget about it and move on. Well, you guys are OFFICIALLY exposed!


Secondly, MagicPTR. These guys are run by the owners of RealPTR and needless to say should be avoided at all times! Rediculous promises of $200 per 1 minute ad view. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s because it is!

Thirdly, and this is a DEFINITE scam, RichGoPTR. This one came to light thanks to one of the comments I’ve received on another blog post on RealPTR. She stated that a friend purchased an upgrade membership and afterwards they requested an additional payment to be made. Since then they’ve disappeared.


According to this comment it was also found that they are in fact the same guys that run RealPTR and MagicPTR, which are all listed under a company address that simply doesn’t exist.

  • UPDATE: Also be wary of a PTC site called RGClix, check out the full RGClix Review

I hope this helps you guys, remember that PTR, PTC and other Get Paid To sites DO NOT pay $100 or $200 for a task that takes 5 minutes. Big money don’t come easy. You can make money online either through hard work or much time. There is no “get rich quick” program that works, nowhere, ever! You’ve been warned.

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26 Responses to “PTR, PTC Scams and Get-Paid-To Sites that Really Work”

  • Stranger92 on 06/11/2011

    Hi How about Fine PTC.Com is this site a fake or legimate?? can you help please?? thanks in advance..

    • Ettienne on 06/12/2011

      I will have a look at this site for you in the upcomming week and post my findings here. Check back on Friday or so.

      In the meantime I suggest having a look at the sites above as I’ve made quite a bit with these PTC sites (and they’ve all paid)

      Keep well

  • lex on 06/12/2011

    Lex here..
    It’s been almost half month now since i requested my payout on RealPtr.com, I just wanna inform everyone that i am still on the process for the first 30 days as stated on the e-mail they sent to me. Then I tried to contact again them and I asked if I can request my payout thru western union because i think that is the easiest way on how i can get the payment and as stated on their page that i can request my payout thru it, but when i check my e-mail, i received the same mail that i was read before.. i think they only have one mail whenever someone asked for their assistance.. what do you think??
    I’ll keep posting the latest thing about the payout process.. keep in touch everyone..

  • SpainBud on 06/12/2011


    Hi Lex, it´s been almost half a month since I requested my payout as well and I´m still patiently waiting.

    I haven´t tried to reach them through emails but I just might do that to see what they respond.

    If I get the same message as the first one then it would sure be very fishy.

    Take care and let´s just wait 15 more days as the state that it´s between 30-90 days or a reasonable time after LOL.

    Who knows?

    Greetings to all from Spain.

    I´ll keep you guys posted as much as I can.

  • hossain on 06/20/2011

    Friend all ptr and ptc website are scam so Ettienne you take proper action against Realptr because they do not give money. I think you will take necessary step against Realptr .

    • Ettienne on 06/21/2011

      Not all of them are scams, the sites I’ve listed here as “Legit” have all paid me in the past, but these sites don’t have absurd payout amounts like $50+ per click like RealPTR and MagicPtr. I’d say anything offering more than $0.50 per click should rather be avoided as legit PTC sites like ClixSense for example pay $0.01 to $0.04 per click.

      There is money to be made that’s for sure, but only through referrals if you’re looking for the big bucks.

  • hossain on 06/26/2011

    Ettienne do you receive your money from Realptr?I think you do not receive your payment from realptr.Please reply me.

    • Ettienne on 06/26/2011

      Hello Hossain,

      I haven’t heard of a single person so far that received their money from RealPtr, so I’d say that so far it definitely seems to be a scam website and should be avoided. My account is just over $13000 at the moment but I’m not spending any more time on this site as the comments I’ve received so far confirms that they do not pay.

      Keep well

  • kunwarabhinay on 07/01/2011

    No serious complaints against realptr, though i’ve joined it 21 days ago, only time will tell this site is a scam or legitimate, though i have a dought regarding the method of payment, however i’ve opted for payment through cheque, let’s see what happens. its minimum payout is 20000$, i’ve already earned above 11000 so far, will complete soon, then see myself it is a fraud or legitimate site, uptil then gud bye…

    • Ettienne on 07/01/2011

      Most PTC sites are scams so never invest any money before you’ve seen results. One PTC site I’d suggest you check out is RGClix, there’s a banner at the top of the page that will take you straight to their sign-up page.

      Of course PTC sites are small income sites, unlike RealPtr, which I believe to be a scam. Rather try alternative methods of making money as you can make a LOT more, check the link below (which will give you useful FREE ebooks on how to make money with a free blog, a LOT more than any PTC site ever will)


      Kind regards

  • lex on 07/01/2011

    lex here…
    I have to update the payout request from Realptr.co..
    it’s been 30 days ago when i requested my payouts and it seems that it’s is not yet clear for me.. no confirmation letter from the admin or any email from it so i think i have to wait for another 60 days to see what will happen..

    • Ramesh on 07/18/2011

      Hi Lex:

      I have earned $ 20K a week ago and requested the payout. They even sent me the same email about the payment. However, my account was working fine till yesterday, however, when i tried to log in to my account it took me to a web page that showed me that my account is suspended. Is the case is same with you? anyway i think finally they proved themselves as scam and cheaters.

  • Deborah Webb on 07/18/2011

    I just deleted magicptr and realptr from my browser. Magicptr suspended me for God knows what reason, They have not replied to my question, why suspended. I cannot get realptr to come up. I think they may have suspended me too, but have not come out and said so. Don’t get me wrong, I am not violating any of their policies. I have not clicked on my own banners. I am very careful not to.

    • Ettienne on 07/19/2011

      They are both scam sites so don’t waste your time with emails, these people are ghosts and pop up a new ptr site every day. Always be careful of such high payouts. Keep us updated if you ever hear anything from them, although I doubt you would.

      Thanks for your comment

  • lex on 07/20/2011


    Sorry to hear what happened to you but i didn’t experienced anything like that.. i can still open my account and it is still active until now.. i can’t think any violation you made for they have to terminate your account.. anyway i am still on the process for my first payout..
    40 days to go and i will see what will happen..

  • Anu on 08/02/2011

    I also have an account with Realptr and I requested my payout on 12-July-2011. I didn’t received any payment till date but recd the same e-mail. Now again I have earned more than $15000 in my account. Let us see they are paying or not. Will keep you all informed about the progress on my payment. Thanks

    • Ettienne on 08/02/2011

      Mine is on $19,000 at the moment, I’m not spending any time on this site anymore until I get some good news from one of you guys because so far I haven’t heard of a single member that got paid, not even the upgraded ones. Also watch out for RGClix and any other site that has “bux” in the title, 99% of them are scams. Looking forward to your update, let’s hope for the best

  • RyoXander on 08/04/2011

    hi all..wow i’m really lucky to use this google browser and check about the scam PTC site..thanks to this blog.i just join this RealPtr,MagicPtr,DollarPtc and TwoDollarClick…all of this was scam…thanks again..i will not log on into this scam ptc site anymore



  • lex on 08/16/2011

    hi everyone….
    it’s been a long time since i post my updates here and still nothing, but i am not spending time on it anymore.. anyway i can suggest something that can help everyone.. have you heard about the virtapay.com?? it’s the same as paypal and alertpay but they are still on process of improving their site.. well for me , there is no harm in trying unlike wasting of time in scam sites right??


  • Jesus Olivo on 09/14/2011

    hi i got this mails i hope recive my paid

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: advertising
    Date: 2011/9/6
    Subject: Re: Redemption Request: Payout for free member (from jesuslv9)
    To: jesuslv9

    Dear member, We have receive your payment request.we will check your account carefully weather your account is in good-standing. we will issue payment to you within 30-90 days or a reasonable time after for free member.. We support Instant Payout scripts ver. 4.51, you can upgrade your account and get payment Immediate .. Please click this link to upgrade your account http://realptr.com/pages/gold.php adminRealPTR.Com



    • Ettienne on 09/15/2011

      I’ve received the same mail and have been waiting about 30 days so far. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though as I’m almost 100% sure this site is a scam. We’ll wait on Lex to let us know as he’s cashed out before most of us. I suggest moving on and not waste time with these people.

      Here’s an ebook I wrote that might be of interest to you

      All the best

  • kirsti on 09/15/2011

    Ive been doing the buxreturn click site.
    It seems ok lots of info , not like those bux sites that are a small list and thats it.

  • kirsti on 09/15/2011

    this is my referal link if you decide to try it out and do a review. Also that link for your ebook didnt work for me…

  • Sheila on 09/16/2011

    I joined realptr.com a week ago and I already have $3,700 in my account! I am pretty sure that it is a big time scam. There is another website called WorkMails.org that work the same way as realptr. Have you guys noticed how all these good paying websites all have exactly the same layouts? WorkMails.org won’t open in my browser for some reason. I think that any website that pays more than a few cents per view or click are scams. I am trying to find an honest way to make money online without having to invest, I’ve got a real bully for a boss but I can’t quit :(

    If you guys know of any good websites that really pay I will be grateful! I dno’t know many people to get refferals so pyramid schemes or downline building is no good to me..